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ZG Biomass Fired Chain Grate Boiler

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  • ZG Biomass Fired Chain Grate Boiler
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ZG-type chain grate biomass boiler is a new bulk chain grate boiler, similar to SHL chain grate biomass boiler. It has all the structural advantages of SHL chain grate biomass boiler. ZG biomass boiler has three types: chain grate, corner tube chain grate, and circulating fluid bed.

ZG chain grate biomass power plant boiler is a new type field assemble chain grate boiler,its structure is similar to the structure of SHL chain grate biomass boiler,targeted measures are taken on the structure of furnace and secondary air and the arrangement of heating surface and soot blower,it has all the structural advantages of SHL type chain grate biomass boiler.Three types of the ZG chain grate biomass power plant boiler are ZG biomass power plant boiler(chain grate),ZG biomass power plant boiler(corner tube chain grate) and ZG biomass power plant boiler(circulating fluidized bed).


Combustion of the formed biomass fuel, pure coal, or the mixed fuel of pure coal and the formed biomass fuel to provide heat energy and electricity power.

Product structure:

ZG biomass boiler mainly consists of furnace, secondary air, super heater, the distributed heating surface and soot blower.


Corner tube Chain grate:

  • 1. The boiler adopts corner tube pattern, self-supporting structure. This kind of structure is simple and compact.
  • 2. Around the furnace and the descending flue is all welding membrane water-cooling wall structure, which makes it good sealing, less heat-releasing and clean.
  • 3. Both the air preheater and the coal economizer adopt carton pattern structure, which ensures that it can be transported easily and save the installation time, and strengthens the seal character of fuel gas duct.
  • 4. There is flag pattern heating surface ahead of high temperature super heater so that the high temperature ability for super heater can be ensured. Meanwhile, the super heater can be operated stably in the serious fuel gas environment.
  • 5. The cross girder grate is adopted so it has the features of less operation resistance, better grate cooling effects, lower breakdown rate and less fuel leak.
  • 6. The fuel is sprayed to the furnace, which can made the fuel combust in mixed form and the combustion efficiency is high.
  • 7. Using light furnace wall structure, boiler overall in light weight
  • 8. The fuel for this boiler is only straw or other kinds of biomass material so the slag left can be used as fertilizer to agriculture. Thus, it is high efficient, energy-saving and environment-friendly.

Circulating fluidized bed boiler:

  • 1. Single drum in transverse type and "π" type layout
  • 2. Suspended type Membrane water-cooling wall structure furnace and the gas passes make it less heat-releasing and clean.
  • 3. The bell-type air cap is easy to replace and low resistance.
  • 4. Low resistance and high separating efficiency of separator and center cylinder
  • 5. The technology of feeding device is adopted and the independent roots blower is equipped to provide wind so the power consumption is lowered.
  • 6. Low bed pressure operation
  • 7. Low pressure fans used reduces the fan power consumption
  • 8. Optimization of the secondary air and the vents flow rate reduces the head of fan’s secondary air pressure.
  • 9.Improved fuel crushing and screening system makes the size of coal particle conform to the designed requirements
  • 10. The air preheater uses a multi-tube box arrangement and low-temperature section adopts corrosion-resistant steel, which avoids the low-temperature corrosion.

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