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ZeusMiner GEN III Chip Blade*8–For Lightning

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  • ZeusMiner GEN III Chip Blade*8–For Lightning
  • Septriya Asic Miners Store has been serving our customers for over 5 years with top brand names like Bitmain, Avalon, Bitfurry, Blackarrow, Minerslab, Rockminer, Spondooliestech and Zeusminer because we carry them […]

 Country Of Origin: Indonesia Certifications and Awards: Bitcoin Miner
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Price : US $343

Minimum Order : 1 Unit

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-Applicable for: ZeusMiner Lightning X6

-Blade number: 8

-Gen III chips with much lower power and higher hashrate

-Much lower price and shipping cost than a new miner

-24/7 sustainable and sufficient hashing power

-Easy and user-friendly to install

-Heat sink not included


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