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YZW chemical axial-flow pump

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 Country Of Origin: China
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Total head:(3 ~ 6)m
Working temperature:(-20 ~250)℃
Max working pressure:0.6MPa
conform to GB/T 13008 standard 


YZW chemical axial-flow pump is a centrifugal pump of horizontal, single stage and end suction design, whose technical requirements conform to GB/T13008 standard.
       It is mainly used in the chemical process with big flow and low head, especially is suitable in the compulsive circulating processes such as evaporation, thickening, crystallization, material circulation in the industries of alkali making, salt making, fermentationm metallurgy, phosphate fertilizer,etc.
Alkali production: for cold precipitation, evaporating concentration and waste liquid recovery in production of sodium hydroxide, sodium carbonate, ammonium chloride,etc.
Salt-making industry: evaporating concentration of NaC1;
Light industry: evaporating concentration of lactic acid, and alcohol, chemical reaction of VCNa food preserving agent, evaporation of sugar solution;
Metallurgy: evaporating concentration of copper sulphate and nickel sulphate;
Phosphorous fertilizer plant: wet-process concentration of phosphoric acid, concentration of ammonium phosphate slurry;
Glauber salt plant: media concentration of Na2SO4 evaporator;
Aluminum oxide: evaporating concentration of sodium aluminate lye.



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