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Young Nails Magic Wand-Aerona Beauty

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  • Young Nails Magic Wand-Aerona Beauty
 FOB Price: Negotiable  USD per Piece
 Minimum Order: 300  Pieces
 Terms Of Payment: FOB Capacity: 10000  Pieces per Month
 Delivery Time: 30 Days
 Country Of Origin: Pakistan Certifications and Awards: CE Mark
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Young Nails Magic Wand Pterygium Remover Pinch Tweezer does all functions as push,remove,pinch,scrape,hold and squeeze.Young Nails Magic Wand has the functionality of three tools that do several different things.One end is a c-curve tool and reverse pincher while the other is a pusher and scraper.Use the spoon end to push back a cuticle then turn the Magic Wand over to scrape away protein buildup.Flip it around to the other end and use the reverse pincher to hold on a nail tip after gluing or use the pincher to dial in the perfect c-curve.Aerona Beauty Cuticle Pushers are for both right and left hand users.



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