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YMT light-duty slurry pump

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  • YMT light-duty slurry pump
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 Country Of Origin: China
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Capacity:(2~ 1000)m3/h     Total head:(8 ~ 100)m    Working temperature:(-20 ~180)℃      Max working pressure:1.6MPa Conform to IS05199、IS02858 standard API610 OH1     Closed type impeller(for corrosive or hard media),semi-open impeller(for large particle or long fiber),8% paper pulp



      YMT light-duty slurry pump is designed for bentonite industry, abrasive and grinding tools manufacturing, desulfurization of power plant and transferring of alumina ore slurry in aluminum plant, and is the ideal device matched with filter press and the optimal choice for conveying medium containing hard sundries. YMT is simple in maintenance, highly resistant against abrasion and corrosion, economical in operation and reliable in sealing. It is suitable for conveyance of bentonite, carbide slag, lime milk, coal ash, gypsumslurry and sand-bearing crude oil.

Soda and inorganic salts: lime milk, carbide slag, and salt mud.
Metallurgy: ore slurry for zinc, aluminium, copper, vanadium production.
Petrochemical industry: sand-bearing crude oil.
Paper-making industry: lime milk.
Fermentation industry: various fermenting liquid.

Environmental protection in power plant: coal ash, gypsum slurry.



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