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YHY Chemical submerged pump

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  • YHY Chemical submerged pump
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 Country Of Origin: China
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Total head:(5~230)m
Working temperature:(-40~400)℃
Max working pressure: 2.5MPa
conform to API610 standard
API610 VS4/VS5


 YHY series chemical submerged pump is a centrifugal pump of single stage, end suction design, desiged for transmitting toxic, corrosive liquid stored underground in the petrochemical, chemical, metallurgical, depot, sewage treatment industries, ect.

It owns the following features: Immersion in liquid, pump self-suction capacity, operation without filling water, start or stop at any time, convenient use; No seal, no leakage, safety and environmental protection; A high degree of generalization, modular design for main parts such as base plate, supporting tube, shaft, shaft housings, greatly reducing storage of the spare parts, prevention of sundry due to filter.
For different applications, we have designed the several submerged pumps as per requirements of the customers based on YHY series. All thepump structure and performance is the same with the YHY standard type, except for some changes in the part structure.



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