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YHT series chemical passage pump

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  • YHT series chemical passage pump
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 Country Of Origin: China
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Capacity:(1.8 ~1600)m3/h
Total head:(4 ~160)m
Working temperature:(-40~260)℃
Max working pressure: 2.5MPa
conform to ISO5199、ISO2858、API682 standard
API610 0H1  wide-runner impeller



YHT series chemical passage pump absorbs the domestic and overseas advanced technology, refers to API610 the 10th edition, ASME B73.1-2001 and API682 Pumps Shaft Sealing Systems for Centrifugal and Rotary Pumps specification, and is a successful upgrade and innovation based on TW pump. HT series chemical passage pump is a centrifugal pump of horizontal, single stage, single suction and cantilever design, its performance parameters conform to GB/T 5662standard(corresponding to ISO2858). Adopting advanced hydraulic design, which is connected with characteristics of two-phase flow pump, this pump is a new product developed with higher hydraulic efficiency and higher ability of transmitting particles, increasing by 5%-10% in comparison with TW and open-impeller pumps, and thus it is an energy-saving product. In the design of structure, by referring to American ANSI standard, the shaft diameter is increased and cantilever ratio is shortened to eliminate the shortages that TW pump’s shaft breaks frequently and the pump operates with big vibration, thus operational stability improved, maintenance fee and operational cost decreased. The impeller with a broad flow passage is designed and has a strong ability of transmitting pulp. It is applied successfully to the industries of soda, chlorine-alkali, salt-making, and metallurgy, paper-making and environmental protection as well as other industries where the medium is liable to crystallize or contains solid particles. YHT chemical passage pump can adopt other seal plans recommended by API610. YHT chemical passage pump is the optimal equipment for the applications which contain solid particles such as soda, chlorine-alkali, salt-making, metallurgy, paper-making and environmental protection, etc.
It can convey the followings:
      Chemical pulp which contains particles with diameter 1-8mm and less than 10%.
      Salt slurry in soda and inorganic salts.
      Ore pulp,mother liquor, seed crystal, decreased pulp, bentonite in metallurgy.
      Green mud, white mud, liquor relief, lime milk liquor in paper-making industry.
      Various intermedium, lactic acid, citric acid and fermenting liquor in fermentation industry.
      Wastewater in environmental protection and various industries



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