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YARN REEL 08 – Branca Idealair

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  • YARN REEL 08 – Branca Idealair
YARN REEL 08 – Branca Idealair YARN REEL 08 – Branca Idealair
  • Leader in Precision air conditioning systems for Laboratories and metrological room …

    Since 1932 S.T.A. BRANCA IDEALAIR s.a.s. is a worldwide market leader in manufacturing precision air conditioning units […]

 Capacity: 20  Pieces per Week
 Country Of Origin: Italy Certifications and Awards: UNI EN ISO 2060, UNI 9275, ASTM D 1907-01, ASTM D2260, DIN 53830
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The 'Manual yarn reel' is suitable to reel yarn hanks of variable lenght managed by the operator.

The reel can be released according to the metric version with a total swift circumference of exact 1 meter, or according to the English version with a swift circumference of 1 or 1,5 yds in relation to the national and international yarn count systems as UNI, ISO, ASTM, etc. ..

The instrument is equipped with:
  • Retractable reel radius for an easy extraction of the wrapped skeins;
  • Special device for adjusting yarn pretension;
  • Signaling bell to advise the operator at the end of the test;

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