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X-Grid® – Ground Reinforcement Grids

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  • X-Grid® – Ground Reinforcement Grids
X-Grid® – Ground Reinforcement Grids X-Grid® – Ground Reinforcement Grids X-Grid® – Ground Reinforcement Grids
  • GCL Products are manufacturers and distributors of Groundworks, Cilvil engineering and landscaping products specialising in ground reinforcement grids, grass protection meshes made from recycled plastics.

 Country Of Origin: United Kingdom
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X-Grid® Ground Reinforcement Grid System is manufactured from 100% recycled plastic and is made in GB. X-Grid® can be used for a variety of ground reinforcement application, but is mainly used for large area car parking as an alternative to tarmac or concrete. X-Grid®'s benefit over tradidtion surfaces is the permeability which allows the surface water to travel through the grids traveling back to the water table making it fully compliant with Sustainable Urban Drainage Systems (SUDS) and  Flood and Water Management Act 2010 to encouragethe use of permeable surfaces to mitigate against flooding. in built up areas.  

Tested to the latest standard by an independent test house, X-Grid® is capable of to supporting  350 tonnes per square meter and has a vehicle compression strength in exccess of 10 tonnes axle load therfore meeting the requirements for Din 1072 standard.

X-Grid® Ground reinforcement grids panels are 330x330x40mm and weights 0.57kgs. 9 panels lock together to create one square meter and weight 5.19kgs. All panels interlock together to create a large surface area for car parking. Installation is very quick and simple for our full installation guide please visit out X-Grid® installation and technical specification guide.  

If you require any further information about X-Grid® Ground Reinforcement Grids,  please contact a member of our sales team how can help with your requirments. 


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