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What is Pharma and Chemicals Exchange all about?

Our online business is a unique proposition wherein we invite manufacturers, agents and brokers from around the world to post their products online, for the perusal of thousands of our esteemed buyers in U.S., Europe, India, China and South America.

Our sellers offer a wide range of products including Argo-chemicals, Pesticides, Construction Chemicals, Leather Chemicals, Rubber Chemicals,Perfumery Chemicals, Oil Field Chemicals, Catalysts, Specialty Chemicals,Plastics and polymers, Bio-chemicals, Herbal products, Paints, Inks &Pigment Industries etc. to meet all your needs.

Along with a varied and exhaustive portfolio of products, we offer live prices,which enable traders to compare offers and make the right choices based on suppliers’ profile, product availability, price and location.

In addition, there is an online chat option that permits live dialogue between traders.

We also provide news updates with respect to duties and other levies on chemical trade.

What’s in it for YOU?

We possess a list of esteemed companies as our members, the world over, who have robust requirements all round the year. Registering as a member with PCE, you will be able to match-up and be at par with these global standards. The process is simple, when a buyer enters his product requirements, our system searches our database and displays a list of sellers complete with prices, location, packaging, etc.within seconds.

You will be able to reap the following benefits as a member of PCE Get LIVE prices of any product you wish to purchase. The exchange saves your time and effort in calling for prices and waiting for respective replies and follows ups from suppliers. The exchange helps the buyer make a studied judgement, by comparing different deals from different sellers. You can reach a maximum number of sellers without wasting time visiting trade fairs,exhibitions, etc. to make purchases from an array of online suppliers. You can choose the sellers as per your requirements depending on price, quality specification,location etc. At your fingertips every type of sellers exists with their latest prices. You can contact sellers directly using contact details as well as using the online CHAT option. The exchange offers a great opportunity to compare prices without sending e-mails to only a handful of your known suppliers. The exchange helps to check the pulse of the market on real time basis. No brokerage has to be paid to Pharma and Chemicals Exchange. You are also free to offer your products as a seller in the market and keep a watch on the competitor’s prices and the trends of the industry. Quarterly posts giving indications of what is selling and what is not will be made available to all VIP members.

All this and much more, at a very low introductory annual membership fee of just US$ 99 only!!!


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