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WNS Oil & Gas Fired Boiler

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  • WNS Oil & Gas Fired Boiler
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  • Zhengzhou Boiler Co.; Ltd is industrial boiler manufacturer in China, we supply coal fired boiler, biomass fired boiler, gas & oil fired boiler, power plant boiler, CFB boiler, AAC autoclave, etc. contact email: […]

 Country Of Origin: China
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WNS series Oil& Gas Fired Boilers have reached the first-rated level of the world in the key technical aspect. We adopted German technology and won the bid of world bank GEF efficient and environmentally friendly boiler subproject.


Widely used in chemical industry, plastics industry, coatings and automotive industries, bitumen industry, construction equipment industry, shipbuilding industry, apparel clothing, washing, ironing, the pharmaceutical industry, biotechnology, food industry, sauna and beauty, hotels, restaurants, sports, fitness and other places where need energy.

Product structure:

1.Big furnace pipe, central backdraft,smoke three-pass structure, furnace pipe in Pot shell center, Convection pipe circumferential distribution  and a turbolator provided in smoke tube to extend heating surface. .

2.wet-back,two-pass smoke pipe ,all corrugated furnace, Low combustion chamber ,and symmetrically arranged convection heating surface.


  • 1.Three-pass structure,big volume of the combustion chamber, burning fully
  • 2.corrugated furnace structure  increases the heat transfer area ,and also satisfies the free expansion after the furnace is being heated.
  • 3.Thread smoke tube enhances the heat transferred effect.
  • 4.Wet back structure,whole plate boundary butt-jointed with seam.
  • 5.Rear view device is easy to observe combustion status.
  • 6. multiple protective devices make the operation safe and reliable
  • 7.Color pattern plate packaging ,mirror finished stainless steel ,or brushed stainless steel ,elegant appearance
  • 8. Imported Combustor ,Automatic operation.
  • 9.High boiler thermal efficiency ,stable output , strong load adaptability.

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