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Wire Mesh Belts

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  • Wire Mesh Belts
Wire Mesh Belts Wire Mesh Belts
  • Boegger Industrial Limited has manufactured metal wire mesh conveyor belts for over 30 years and continue to improve and innovate mesh belts to satisfy client around the world. We are always providing the reliable […]

 Country Of Origin: China
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Wire mesh belts or wire link belts are ideal metal conveyor belts for light-to-medium transfers. Up to 86% proportion of open area provides maximum air-flow through and improve efficiency in cooling, heating, draining and drying performances. Smallest diameter end rolls and drive rolls mean that even the most dedicate products will be handled gently. At the same time, non-slip positive drive eliminates the possibility of tracking problems.

Straight running wire mesh belts.
WMB-01: Wire mesh belts.
Wire mesh belt uses USDA approved design and clean in place capacity make it much easier to keep the conveyor line hygienic. At the same time, this belt has numerous configurations for its great variety of wire diameters and different pitches.

Apart from straight-running wire mesh belt, radius mesh belt is provided for the conveying process around corners. Unique and tapered pitch, smallest inside turning radius and tightest level transfer make this curved wire mesh belt the perimeter choice for many corner process.

Wire link conveyor belts not only suit for common conveying process, but also for special handling requirements. For example, some conveying process needs to keep the products aligned in rows, move product up steel inclines or maintain product separation. Hence, flights throughout the belt length are manufactured. However, the number of rows of flights and spacing between each other are custom.

Wire mesh belt manufactured in different spacing for baking industry.
WMB-02: Wire mesh belt without flights.Wire link conveyor belt with flights at certain distance for special handling.
WMB-03: Wire link belting with flights at certain distance.
Wire mesh belt with continuous flights throughout the mesh length.
WMB-04: Continuous flights wire mesh belt.Wire mesh belting with points separating the products.
WMB-05: Wire mesh conveyor belt with points.
Features & benefits:

Up to 86% open area.
Light-to-medium duty transfer.
Non-slip, positive drive.
Very low belt mass saving power consumption.
A great variety of mesh sizes.
Straight-running or radius-running.
Hygienic design, easy to clean.
Typical applications:

Edge loop styles:

Wire mesh belt with C-shaped edge.
WMB-06: C-shaped edge.
Wire mesh belt with single loop edge.
WMB-07: Single loop edge.
Wire mesh belt with double loop edge.
WMB-08: Double loop edge.
C-shaped loop edge reduce the ratio of catching and tangling by the belt edge.
Single loop edge is the most popular wire mesh belt edge finish. It is available for wire diameter 1.27 mm or above.
Double loop edge is supplied for enrober belts.

Specification for wire mesh belts
Item No. Wire diameter Pitch Open area Edge type
mm mm %
WMCB01 0.9 4.24 77 Single/ double
WMCB02 0.9 5.64 82 Single/ double
WMCB03 1.0 5.5 79 Single/ double
WMCB04 1.0 5.6 79.5 Single/ double
WMCB05 1.27 4.3 67 Single
WMCB06 1.27 5.5 73 Single/ double
WMCB07 1.27 6.0 76 Single/ double
WMCB08 1.27 6.35 77 Single/ double
WMCB09 1.27 7.26 80 Single/ double/ C-shape
WMCB010 1.40 6.40 76 Single/ C-shape
WMCB011 1.60 7.26 75 Single/ double/ C-shape
WMCB012 1.83 12.00 81 Single
WMCB013 1.83 12.70 82 Single/ C-shape
WMCB014 2.08 9.60 75 Single/ C-shape
WMCB015 2.35 12.70 78 Single/ C-shape
WMCB016 2.35 20.32 85 Single
WMCB017 2.80 12.70 72 Single/ C-shape
Wire mesh belt packaged in wood case.
WMB-09: Wire mesh conveyor belt wood case package.Wire mesh belt packaged in rolls for any length.
WMB-10: A roll of wire mesh conveyor belt with points.
Wire link conveyor belt widely used in food process industry.
WMB-11: Sack food wire link conveyor belt.


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