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window safety film

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  • window safety film
  • PS material develops and manufactures innovative materials in the field of surface protection and surface technology. Our high-quality films offer individual and customized solutions to provide optimum protection […]

 Certifications and Awards: PSM-SAF-3.0: PSM High performance safety window film Product characters • no rainbow & no orange peel • glass breakage protection • UV protection • good scratch proof with long maintenance • invisible clear type with high visible transmittance • also available as dyed, matte, silver, tinded film
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Impact & surface protection
Optimizing personal and product safety & security.
Burglary, vandalism, forces of nature and human threats
can turn a pane of glass into dangerous shards.
Our high performance protective films provide premium protection.
• Burglar resistant tested DIN EN 356
• Best tear strength and resistance in market
• 25% more favorable than competitive products


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