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window film

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  • window film
  • PS material develops and manufactures innovative materials in the field of surface protection and surface technology. Our high-quality films offer individual and customized solutions to provide optimum protection […]

 Certifications and Awards: PSM-HEA-1.15: PSM ultra solar control window film Product characters • blocking harmful 99% UV (Ultra Violet light) and 85,2% IR (Infa Red light) • comfortable inside conditions by heat control • energy and money saving • improves privacy • avoids sun damages
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Sun protection
Optimizing personal comfort.
PSM sun protection films provide up to 85 % IR rejection versus
untreated glass.
By controlling hot spots and overall unwanted interior heat from the sun,
PSM solar control films create a more comfortable living or driving
experience while reducing cooling costs.
• superior heat protection
• various grades available
• reducing solar heat gain
• significantly reducing energy costs
• 20% more favorable than competitive products


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