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WATER PROOF 35S – Branca Idealair

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  • WATER PROOF 35S – Branca Idealair
WATER PROOF 35S – Branca Idealair WATER PROOF 35S – Branca Idealair
  • Leader in Precision air conditioning systems for Laboratories and metrological room …

    Since 1932 S.T.A. BRANCA IDEALAIR s.a.s. is a worldwide market leader in manufacturing precision air conditioning units […]

 Capacity: Pieces per Month
 Country Of Origin: Italy Certifications and Awards: UNI ISO 20811 - DIN 53886 - AFNOR G-07 057 - ISO 811 - BS 32823 - BE EN 3321 3424 - AATCC 127 - NMX-A-014-1984
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The instrument "WATER PROOF 35S" determines waterproof permeability of fabrics through a constant increment of hydrostatic pressure (cm/min) generated by water propulsion pumps. The method establishes as follows: the result of the test, shown in mm/H2O, is reached when it appears visibly the passage of water in three points of the surface on pressure according to the reference norm UNI ISO 20811;

The specimen si fixed between two flanges tightly to avoid any water lacks from the sides of the test area (100cm2).

Equipped with HMI panel operator for parameters setting, tests monitor and confirmation by the operator for the ending of the test. Test results are saved inside the memory ROM with backup (recovered also in case of instrument switching off) for a maximum of 50 tests.

1) PRINTER: at the end of the test it is possible to print out tests results on a Test report through an ASCII printer ( available both impact and thermal models).
On the test reports they are indicated all test data:

  • Company name;
  • Address;
  • Operator;
  • Sample Nr.;
  • Supplier;
  • Comments;
  • Water proof result / results;
  • Operator signature;

2) SOFTWARE ANALYSIS: data monitoring, logging and setting software based on Microsoft Excel;


Easy setting data on Excel

By setting the necessary items at the (Cell Settings) dialog box, it is possible to READ or WRITE the PLC data.

Data storage /printing in automatic operation

Register the data at periodical or non-periodical, in accordance to the relay or PCWAY event turning to ON. Save the data with the TEXT format. The file format can be registered flexibily. Also, the data can be written-in and processed at a different application, other than the Excel one.


Automatic Macro Startup

Starts the registered macro (registered by the User) by the event turning to ON.

Sound File

The sound will be out-putted by the PLC relay and event turning ON.

Remote data management via modem

Modem Support: Connects with the PLCs located in distant regions with the public phone line.

Interactive data exchange

Possible to download the displayed data to the PLC.

Easy operational environment

For those who do not want to use the macro programme...

  • Character Change: Changes the display character/colour by the ON/OFF of the relay.
  • Operation Formula: perform an operation during the displaying and the operation of the register.

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