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Vertical continuous sputtering line

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  • Vertical continuous sputtering line
Vertical continuous sputtering line Vertical continuous sputtering line Vertical continuous sputtering line Vertical continuous sputtering line
 Country Of Origin: China Certifications and Awards: ISO9001/2000
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Vertical continuous sputtering line


1), Applications:

Vertical sputtering line can manufacture ITO transparent conductive glass which is mainly used in the field of monitoring displays, touch screens and refrigerators, etc; Vertical sputtering line can produce AZO transparent conductive glass which is applied in the industry of thin film for solar cells, etc.


2), Vertical sputtering line can realize the coating process of ITO, SiO2+ITO, AZO & AR films, etc.


3), Substrate size: 400X500mm, 550X670mm, 1245X635mm, 1100X1400mm, 2200X2800mm;

Thickness: 0.3~4mm


4), Sputtering coating system mainly made of as following:

*Chamber made of  304 stainless steel by block structure with single side or double sides coating.

*Pumping system composed of molecular pumps.

*Sputtering system including planar or rotary cathodes by DC & MF sputtering power supplies with optional close loop control system.

*Baking system by stainless steel tubular heaters with uniform heating board to ensure even heating.

*Gas inflation system with highly precise gas inflation units controlled by MFC.

*E-control system adopting IPC (Information Process Center) and PLC to realize automatic control with OA2000 Chinese auto control software that is under our own intellectual property.



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