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  • Vemma
Vemma Vemma Vemma Vemma
  • Registered almost two decades ago Keji Farms & Ventures handles establishment of Cattle Ranches,Cattle Merchandise,Animal processing & Distribution etc. The CEO is a member of many International Groups relevant to […]

 FOB Price: $148.00 - $599.95  USD per Pack
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 Terms Of Payment: Online Capacity: 1-4  Pack/Packs per Month
 Delivery Time: Between 1-14days
 Country Of Origin: United States Certifications and Awards: Tested to the Highest Standard of Clinical Research Clinical studies are not mandated for wellness companies; however, we elected to put our flagship Vemma nutritional formula to the test. The Vemma Clinical Trials were conducted by one of the industry's most widely recognized experts in independent clinical testing: Brunswick Laboratories of Massachusetts. The intention of these studies was to evaluate the efficacy and overall bioavailability of Vemma on immune function and well-being in adults.* This was done by subjecting the product to the highest standard of clinical research — independent, double blind, placebo-controlled study. This type of study follows a specific set of procedures to ensure the results are dependable and free from bias. The Vemma immunity study and Vemma bioavailability study were published in two reputable journals, the Journal of Medicinal Food and Journal of Agricultural and Food Chemistry, respectively. The studies confirmed that Vemma showed: Significant improvements in immune markers* Superior antioxidant absorption* Lowering of C-reactive protein (CRP), which points to its beneficial effects on overall health and wellness*
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Vemma Science Product excellence, from concept to consumption, is what makes Vemma an industry leader specializing in premium liquid nutrition. By combining the extensive knowledge of Chief Scientific Officer, Yibing Wang, M.D., Ph.D., with his Eastern (cardiology) and Western (genetic obesity) wellness expertise, and the best experts in nutrition, weight management and fitness, we guarantee results-driven products that are true to what's listed on the label and a brand you can trust to enhance overall health.* The science behind our clinically studied Vemma formula and all Vemma products is our highest priority. To ensure the best quality, we: Source only the highest-quality raw ingredients Incorporate advances in nutrition and technology Adhere to extensive manufacturing and testing standards Complete a 30-step quality control process before a product gets released for purchase

Maintaining a Sound Mind inside a Sound Body is a major keyword to success.The first man was placed in a garden left to streamline his well beign around nature.Fruits,vegetables,herbs and roots constituted his nutrition and and medicine. Scientific development and discoveries shifted the gaze of Man from nature to additives.Strange ailments crept in and started decimating the population of mankind. Kudos to men that realised this error by making us to go back to the basics; Vemma is not a get rich quick business. It addresses almost all human welfare parameters. Promoting natural products proved and testedd to have been potenent in terms of results and reactions of those that are associated with the company. Behind this movement is the creative vision of Vemma Founder and CEO, BK Boreyko, who is passionate about helping people live the life they deserve. "Considering that the number-one reason for personal bankruptcy is illness, and the number-one reason for divorce is financial difficulties, the need Vemma can fill is incredibly important. It's really hard to feel like you're living the life you deserve when you're sick or unhappy. Vemma has a two-part formula for success that resonates with people in more than 50 countries around the world. The first part is enhanced health through supplementation, and Vemma delivers the results people are looking for, guaranteed. The second part is the sharing of Vemma products.According to this great mind "I devote my advertising dollars, literally millions of dollars every month, to the people who choose to champion our mission and promote the Vemma. The real power of our success lies in the simplicity of our business model," says BK. Vemma combines the extensive knowledge of Chief Scientific Officer, Yibing Wang, M.D., Ph.D., with its talented executive management team, including more than eight decades of ***ulative industry experience. Vemma is positively affecting lives through ultra-premium products, a strong, charitable commitment and a generous compensation plan. It can help you become healthier and happier. If you have a heart for helping people, it may just be the rightVemma,maintaining sound minds in sound bodiesVemma for you.checkmating diseases and ailments


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