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Vardenafil Powder

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  • Vardenafil Powder
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 Country Of Origin: China
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Vardenafil Powder Quick Detail:
Vardenafil Powder
Price with shipping: $90/10g $160/50g $270/100g $800/500g $1450/1kg
CAS No:224785-91-5
Molecular formula:C23H33ClN6O4S
Molecular weight:525.06
Appearance:White Crystalline or Crystalline Powder
Assay:99% min
Delivery time:5-7 business days door to door
Minimum order:10grams
Supply ability:500-600kg/month
Quality standard:USP31
Usage:Vardenafil is a highly selective PDE-5 inhibitor, playing a role in the treatment of the penile erection mainly through specific inhibition of PDE-5 activity. Compared with similar products of the drug, it has the characteristics of fast onset of action, efficacy reliable, high quality and erection of good security.

Vardenafil Description:
Vardenafil is an oral drug that is used to treatimpotence, the inability to attain or maintain a penile erection. It has a mechanism of action that is similar tosildenafil(Viagra), andtadalafil(Cialis). Penile erection is caused by the engorgement of the penis with blood.

Vardenafil Applications:
Vardenafil, as with all PDE5 inhibitors, should not be used by men taking nitrate medications, because combining them with vardenafil might provoke potentially life-threatening hypotension (low blood pressure).
Further, Vardenafil causing lengthening of the QT interval. Therefore it should not be taken by men taking other medications that affect the QT interval (such as amiodarone).

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