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Ulthera & Doublo Tip

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  • Ulthera & Doublo Tip
Ulthera & Doublo Tip Ulthera & Doublo Tip Ulthera & Doublo Tip Ulthera & Doublo Tip
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    South Korea

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 FOB Price: 800 - 1000  USD per Unit
 Minimum Order: 20  Unit/Units
 Terms Of Payment: TT or LC Capacity: 500  Unit/Units per Month
 Delivery Time: 1~2week
 Country Of Origin: South Korea
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Do you have Ulthera or Doublo in your clinic?

Do you spend lots of money to buy new tips for your Ulthera or Doublo?

Here we can save your money. We recharge Ulthera or Doublo tips.


# Quality 

- Exactly same quality of new tips

- Only half price from the new tips


If you want to save you budget please contact us



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