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  • Turnstile
Turnstile Turnstile Turnstile
  • Producer,developer of control access systems as ticketing and pay parking systems. We are the Eastern Europe representance of IDTECH access control system. IDTECH.BE We also produce turnstiles in Hungary(UE)

 Minimum Order: Pieces
 Terms Of Payment: Transfer in advance Capacity: 30  Pieces per Month
 Delivery Time: 4 weeks after receiving payment
 Country Of Origin: Hungary
There are no specifications for this product
1.300 euros/pcs EXwork Budapest

Turnstile made in UE(Hungary) with 2 legs and 24V power supply.Contains preparation(panel) for RFID reader and controller.

We also sell modules:

-with coin acceptor(after an amount or 1 chip is oayd the turnstile will allow you to enter)Musems,toilets,etc

-with wristband collector(RFID tag can be retained on exit if everything is ok. Will be retured back if credit was not sorted, locker is not oppened,etc. SPA,baths,etc


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