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TRTH-1050BS Long Distance up to 40km Outdoor Backhaul with 23dbi Antenna PTP NLOS and Near-LOS Solution

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  • TRTH-1050BS Long Distance up to 40km Outdoor Backhaul with 23dbi Antenna PTP NLOS and Near-LOS Solution
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TRTH-1050BS Long Distance up to 40km Outdoor Backhaul with 23dbi Antenna PTP NLOS and Near-LOS Solution

NOLS Near-LOS Bridge 25dbm + 23dbi Antenna EIRP=48dBm ISM band high capacity / long distance outdoor backhaul 5/10/20/40MHz Fractional bandwidth

Highly-powered with the panel antenna-integrated design, TRTH1000-5 series is an ideal solution for high capacity / long distance backhaul which can works in 4.9GHz licensed band and 5GHz ISM band frequency.It utilizes TDMA (Time-Division Multiple Access) technology allowing operation on a single channel. This series is primarily designed to provide standard. Ethernet interface in a wireless link between distant sites 5/10/20/40 MHz adjustable channel bandwidth provides the flexibility of deployment channel plan or high capacity backhaul, and variable capacities for different applications - the highest truly accumulated throughput(uplink + downlink) is up to 50Mbps.

TRTH1000-5 series has powerful security management because it supports WEP, WPA2 (AES-128bits) encryption, MAC address filter and use the proprietary
protocol. All these functions make the network much more secure and reliable.

Time-Division Multiple Access (TDMA)
Variable Frequencies - 4.9 / 5 GHz
IP-68 Water & Dust Resistant
IEC61000-4-5 Surge Protection
Outstanding MTBF
Integrated Panel Antenna APPLICATIONS
High capacity backhaul in long distances
5/10/20/40MHz adjustable channel bandwidth
Cost effective alternative to wired network environment
Redundant link between buildings
Dedicated ISP connections for high-reliability subscribers
Enterprises or Institutions LAN and PBX extension

Product Highlights
Effective spectrum utility / variable capacities : TRTH1000-5 series has 4 levels of channel bandwidth (5/10/20/40 MHz) for optional, which are adjustable via software. This function provides flexibilities of channel plan and variable capacities for different applications.

Low EIRP for long distance and high capacity transmission: TRTH1000-5 series improves the throughput performance up to 50~70% in long distance transmission, that means the system has the same performance with lower EIRP (smaller antenna) compare to other standard wifi products.

Time-Division Multiple Access(TDMA) technique: TDMA tech can avoid the packets collision and send the packets more efficient and stable to improve the capacity and quality of data transmission in long distance or NLOS (Near/ Non-Line of sight) situation.

High output power OFDM technology and Integrated antenna: High output power OFDM technology with integrated panel antenna design provides best performance and lowest price at the same time, that support TRTH1000-5 series to be the most cost effective solution in the wireless outdoor backhaul market.

Proprietary Security: TRTH1000-5 series uses proprietary protocol, so it can’t connect to other standard wifi products. It also provides WEP and WPA2 (AES-128bits) to build the highest security mechanism to prevent the malicious attacking from the internet.

Antenna Alignment (Audible antenna alignment) :The site survey function provides the RSSI (signal strength) info to indicate the status of antenna alignment. Audible antenna alignment feature for aligning the antenna by the headphone

Channel Bandwidth :  Software selectable channel bandwidths of 5/10/20/40 MHz


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