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Triple Delight Cake

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  • Triple Delight Cake
  • An artisanal bakery in Tucson, Arizona dedicated to creating exotic, gourmet cakes that are all natural and gluten-free.

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 Country Of Origin: United States
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Triple Delight Cake, a Delicious Delight from Our Family Recipe


Our Triple Delight Cake is a moist, buttery, layered cake, originating from the Dutch Colonial era in Indonesia and is traditionally called Lapis Surabaya. It's name is derived from the city in Java Island.  While it is known throughout Indonesia and the surrounding area as Lapis Surabaya, the people of the city simply call it "Spiku." In Indonesia, this is considered a special occasion dessert, generally serves for holidays, weddings, and birthday celebrations. Many variations have been created, but Euforia Confections is sticking with tradition using our family recipe. 

The Triple Delight consists of three layers of cake, vanilla-chocolate-vanilla, with buttercream frosting between the layers, and is known for it's rich, buttery flavor and light, delicate texture. Only all natural ingredients are used to create our decadent dessert, and it's also gluten-free.



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