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Tri Deca 300mg/ml semi-finished injections

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  • Tri Deca 300mg/ml semi-finished injections
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Tri Deca 300mg/ml semi-finished injections
Each 1ml Tri Deca 300 contains:
150mg nandrolone decanoate
75mg nandrolone phenylpropionate
75mg nandrolone undecanoate
Solvents: benzyl alcohol & benzyl benzoate
Carrier: USP Grape Seed Oil

Tri Deca 300mg/ml Description:
Tri Deca 300 is an engineered time released multi ester nandrolone blend.
The nandrolone Phenylpropionate ester is released within 24hours after administration, providing an immediate dose of nandrolone.
The Nandrolone decanoate and undecanoate esters are subsequently released, providing a continual flow of nandrolone.

Tri deca 300 mg/ml @ 100ml recipe:
15 grams of nandrolone decanoate;
7.5 grams of nandrolone phenylpropionate
7.5 grams of nandrolone undecanoate.
B.A 2%
B.B 20%
G.S.O q.s.

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