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Trenavar Prohormone Trendione

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  • Trenavar Prohormone Trendione
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 Country Of Origin: Andorra Certifications and Awards: Trenavar Prohormone Trendione
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Trenavar Prohormone Trendione
Dosage: 30-45 mgs
Average weight gain: 10-15 lbs
Anabolic strength: 9/10
Also known as: Tren, Trendione enavar/ Trendione/ Celtitren
Benefits & Results of Trenavar

Users of Trenavar will see dramatic increases in both strength and mass. Also, Trenavar is known for decreasing body fat and enhancing vascularity.
Trenavar is popular because it’s known for giving its users amazing results in little time. With a cycle of Trenavar you can expect to see at least 10-15 lbs of solid gains, extremely high strength and definition that only someone taking tren can really achieve. Results like the guy below are not uncommon while using Trenavar:

Side Effects of Trenavar
You will also see increased aggression and may see a drop in libido during your cycle. Trenavar will also increase the production of prolactin which may cause sensitivity and puffiness in the nipple area. A prolactin inhibitor like HGH-Up or Prolactrone is highly recommended this reason, and just like any other prohormone cycle, a good post cycle therapy should also be used. Trenavar is actually non-methylated, so you don’t have to worry about liver toxicity. Of course, you should always use on cycle support no matter what prohormone you’re taking.

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