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Titanium turnings / chippings / particles

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  • Titanium turnings / chippings / particles
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Titanium content: any content that can be objectively defined by representative sampling and lab check. We don’t buy titanium waste if titanium is in oxide phase or any other non-metallic phase.

Impurities content: less impurities means more value.

Moisture and oil: preferred maximum 3%. If it exceeds then the qualified surveyor will define the objective content of moisture and oil and deduct it from the whole weight of the supplied lot.
We pay for Titanium – not for oil or lubricant.

Non-metallic inclusions: they make recycling difficult due to obligatory additional pre-processing stage of the material before the recycling itself. It adds the difficulty and though decreases the value of the material.

Magnetics. Titanium is non-magnetic kind of metal. All magnetic particles will be defined objectively by qualified surveyor and will be deducted from the weight of the supplied lot.

the Size of particles/chippings/shavings/turnings. We deal with any size and shape of turnings. However, the yield from the recycling of thin and fine particles is so low that it makes the recycling of such particles not reasonable. The price for heavy cut chips is higher than for medium cut chips.
However, we pay premium for the chippings/turnings if they were chipped already. If the transportation prices of titanium waste is extremely expensive – we buy chips/turnings in crushed condition only. That is to fit at least 18Mt in big bags into one truck.

Package. Usually Big bags (supersacs) or steel drums.


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