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Tire Lyna

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  • Tire Lyna
  • It’s like a Swiss army knife for tires remarks its inventor and founder Noorez Devraj. One product that manages tires, fuel and downtime costs.
    Noorez Devraj the inventor and founder of Tire Lyna; sold and […]

 FOB Price: 9,99 - 199  USD per Case
 Minimum Order: 1 unit  Case/Cases
 Terms Of Payment: wire Capacity: 1000  Boxes per Day
 Delivery Time: 4 days
 Country Of Origin: Canada Certifications and Awards: 45829000
640S: na
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Typical slow speed products mainly used to seal small 1/4" punctures. Tire Lyna's science and chemistry are based on high speed commercial tires. We have end-user testimonials and tests that we passed based on OEM engineers. Tire Lyna protects the entire casing from heat and oxidation damage, it will self balance wheel ends, maintains correct tire pressure and will self repair punctures up to 1/2". In slower moving tires we have testimonials of sealing rock gashes of up to 3 inches. Lot's more I can email you.
Tire Lyna also operates between -80F to 370F. One product that will do everything just like a Swiss army knife. :)


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