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Textile and Readymade Garments

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  • Textile and Readymade Garments
Textile and Readymade Garments Textile and Readymade Garments
  • IIEC is a leading Textiles and Readymade Garments Exporter in India and believed on mature/long terms relationship with business clients/partners.

    Collection/Stock: IIEC has a best collection of Textiles and […]

 Country Of Origin: India
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We export the following items:

Ladies Garments
Ladies Scarf
Ladies Suit
Ladies Sarees
Ladies Lehengas
Ladies Blouse
Ladies Tops
Ladies Skirts
Ladies Jeans
Ladies Short
Ladies Leggings
Ladies Jackets
Ladies Kurtis
Ladies Sweaters
Ladies Night Wear
Men's Garments
Men's Scarf
Mens's T-shirt
Men's Shirt
Men's Pant
Men's Jeans
Men's Trousers
Men's Short
Men's Kurta
Men's Jacket
Men's Sweaters
Men's Coat-Pant
Men's Pathani Suit
Kids Garments
Kids Skirts
Kids Frock
Kids Jeans
Kids T-shirt
Kids Tops
Kids Pant
Kids Shirts
Kids Jackets
Kids Sweaters
Kids Short


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