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Testosterone Undecanoate Powder

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  • Testosterone Undecanoate Powder
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 Country Of Origin: China
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Testosterone Undecanoate Powder Quick Detail:
Testosterone Undecanoate
Price with shipping: $90/10g $140/50g $210/100g $650/500g $1100/1kg
CAS No:5949-44-0
Molecular formula:C29H46O3
Molecular weight:456.71
Appearance:white crystalline powder
Delivery time:5-7 working days door to door
Minimum order:10 grams
Supply ability:500 kg/month
Quality standard:CP2000
Usage:Testosterone Undecanoate has the effect of testosterone, for injecting benzathine androgen, lasting about 70 days.

Testosterone Undecanoate Description:
Testosterone Undecanoate is a unique oral testosterone product, developed by the international drug firm Organon. Subtracting the ester weight, this equates to a dosage of approximately 25mg of raw testosterone per cap. The design of this steroid is quite different from that of most oral steroids. Drugs administered orally generally enter the blood stream through the liver.
Testosterone Undecanoate Applications:
Testosterone undecanoate or testosterone undecylate is an ester of testosterone which is used for the treatment of male hypogonadism, and is currently under research for use as a male contraceptive, testosterone undecanoate is sold and distributed under the brand names Andriol, understor, nebido, pantestone, restandol.

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