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 FOB Price: 685 - 70000  EUR per Unit
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 Terms Of Payment: TT Delivery Time: 25days
 Country Of Origin: Bulgaria Certifications and Awards: CE
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T2 new ver. 4.00 Platinum and Iridium
The evolution of HHO cells!!!


T2 is the most complete and advanced gas production system able to produce gas 9 times stronger than hydrogen. It produces gas which goes directly into the combustion chamber and enriches the mixture giving it more power.


Test on a 750cc gasoline motorcycle engine, the video of which has been uploaded on the internet, certifies economy exceeds 90%! Specifically, the engine worked without gasoline and only with the gas produced from a T2 ver. 2.10. This is actually a 100% fuel economy but in continuous operation a small amount of gasoline is needed to lubricate the engine.

You will find this video at:

T2 ver 4.00 is certainly far superior to T2 ver 2.10 you will see in the video, and is easy to install, safe and secure while not having to convert your engine, or change fuel. Anytime you can remove all cell within minutes and reinstall it again anytime.

Now we have the new 4.00 version which has an advanced cell design with multiple platinum or Special treated Iridium electrodes. The new ver 4.00 output more gas while needs 4 times less power and gives higher fuel economy if it combined with the new AMR.

There are a lot of cheap gas generators on the web which output HHO gas known as Brown gas. T2 is very different. T2 has no competition. The technology is decades ahead. Innovations in relation to similar cells of competition are:

1) anodes and cathodes are titanium with plated pure platinum or iridium oxides(unique worldwide)

2) Unique multiple electrode system with Special designed silicon flanges guarantee "leak free" (unique worldwide)

3) Pump circulation system for the electrolyte gives more output.

4) Power supply with built-in microprocessor of maximum continuous power of 100A but new T2 ver 4.00 needs only4-5Amps for every 2000cc of Car engine.

5) Constant current PWM gives you the ability to control the amps drawn by your T2.

6) Thermal switch for maximum security.

7) Digital display of frequency, pulse width and voltage.

8) Ability to accept T2 electrolyte to produce 9 times more powerful gas than HHO gas

9) Guarantee for 10years with change of electrodes every 2 or 5 years with a minimum service cost

10) 43 basic models to choose including special models for non-stop operation.

Pay back warranty in first 30000km for cars and 60.000km for trucks (for the complete set with NanotecOil and AMRset)

We compared T2 cell with a common HHO cell in a 10 years old 1200cc Car in 80km trip. No EFIE or MAP/MAF used. The car's engine was very difficult to accept HHO because its sencors.
Common HHO cell drew 16 Amps and gave only a 9% fuel economy in this "difficult" engine. T2 cell drew only 3.5Amps and gave 19% fuel economy!!! This is 110% more fuel economy. T2 cell was without AMR set and NanotecOil. With AMR and NanotecOil, fuel economy would be more than 30%, for sure.

This test proved that T2 with its electrolyte gives higher fuel economy than any other HHO cell and with many times less energy consumption. That is why a T2 cell can run a small engine without fuel at all as Rafael's video proves.

If you order with Paypal
The monthly dose for your T2
will be paid out by the fuel saving
and you will have additional profit.
3000cc car in 2000miles/month consumes $300 in gasoline.
With only 20% fuel saving you get a profit of $60/month
T2 costs $1200 and the monthly dose is only $36.
So T2 costs you NOTHING and you also get
$24-$126 monthly profit for 20-50% fuel saving!!!


T2 version 4.00 is the most advanced electrolytic cell in the world, one that has a set of innovations and all electrodes, coated with pure platinum.

T2 version 4.00 is the result of 14 years of research that claimed more than 250,000 euros, designed entirely in CAD software worth 11,000 euros installed in Workstation worth 15,000 euro 1000s hours of study and design and dozens of working prototypes were manufactured and were tested through earlier versions 2.10, 2.15, 2.40, 2.50, 2.60, 2.75, 3.00 and 3.50




We always reinvest our profit and research ways to imporve our products. All this research supports our products and T2. This is the secret key that makes T2 a unique product.

Even though one could copy T2, our know-how and our research can not be copied. We will always be ahead of competitors and in front of "copiers" because we never stop evolving our products.

Get your own T2 with 10 years warranty and guarantee payback money in the first 30.000klm or your money back. Invest in quality T2 and forget about gas stations!

Sales Representative: Maria Kontou - 67th Nimfon ave Helioupolis Athens Greece tel.+30 210 9022230, mob. +30 6946596490

For wholesale orders please send us an email to



Some explanations
about this table

In this table you can see the basic 43 models of T2 of NEW version 4.00.
We have 2 basic models of T2 according to the material we use for the electrodes. We use electrodes with surface of Platinum or Special Iridium with Oxides. Also, T2-100HD is the only electrolytic cell worldwide with pure platinum electrodes. Only these materials are able to perform the electrolysis of our Extra strong elctrolyte.
Now, each cell is suitable for engines of a specific size of up to 2Lt (2000cc), 4Lt, 6Lt etc. You can also use a T2 for 4Lt engine even if you have 1500cc engine in order for you, to get higher fuel economy. The more the gas you produce, the higher the economy you can get. In tests we have seen 100% fuel economy in a motorcycle engine running without any other fuel except the gas from our T2. Now if you have 2L engine it is better to use the 4L cell. If your engine is more than 1.5L and is turbo then you also need the bigger 4L cell.
The 3rd Number shows the minimum lifetime of the cell in thousands of hours (kilohours). We give guarantee for the 80% of this lifetime. If your cell has 5000hours (5kilohours) lifetime, then we give guarantee for 4000hours.
The 4th Number is the lifetime in years. If you have a T2-2L-5KH-5Y cell for 5 years and you have used it only for 2000hours of the 5000hours, then the lifetime of your cell has official ended because of the long time you have it. So, even if you do not use your T2 cell for so many hours, the lifetime in years is the end of the lifetime of your cell. If you want to suspend its lifetime you must empty the electrolyte and rinse it with distilled water.

In the 1st column of the table you see the description of the product. In the last 3 columns of the table, you see prices of the products. Let's explain the names of these columns:

Cell: is only the electrolytic cell. Suitable for customers who have already HHO cell and want to upgrade it to T2 for higher fuel saving. In all of our experiments T2 with its Extra strong electrolyte gave from 10% to 100% higher fuel save in comparison with a common HHO electrolytic cell.

Kit: is the T2 cell pre-installed in a box with constant current pulse width modulation CCPWM power supply unit, with pump for the circulation of the electrolyte, tank for electrolyte and bubbler and all hoses between them pre-installed.

Set: Is the T2 kit with AMRset for increasing the fuel saving up to 25% and NanotecOil to protect engine and enhance increase fuel saving another 2% - 15% (specially in old engines). If you find a common HHO cell that draw the same amps and give you higher fuel economy than T2 Set then we give you, your money back.


T2 Iridium for cars
5000hours lifetime in 5yrs




T2 Platinum for cars
10khours lifetime in 5yrs




T2 Platinum for cars
20khours lifetime in 5 yrs




 Heavy duty use for trucks
30khours lifetime in 5yrs







Modules for Power Genset
Each module for 100KW

T2-100LD-8500-1Y PL
1year non stop operation

T2-25LD-8500-1Y-IR *NEW*
1year non stop or 3years
for 8hours/day

T2-25MD-42KH-5Y-IR *NEW*
5years non stop operation

T2-100LD-8500-1Y-IR *NEW*
1year non stop or 3years
for 8hours/day

T2-100MD-42KH-5Y-IR *NEW*
5years non stop operation

20yrs non stop operation

Titanium heat exchanger

For 2L engine module.......€90.00
Converts T2-2L to Heavy Duty
increase performance
For 4L you need 2 modules
for each 2L you need 1 more module

T2 electrolyte in powder

Set of 10bags
for 1lt each ....... €6.00

Set of 10bags
for 10lt each...... €32.00

Set of 20bags
for 25lt each......€150.00



















































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