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Sugarpastes, delicate, Soft, Strong, Extratropical, Sugararabic

in Depilatory Wax, Type: sell

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  • Sugarpastes, delicate, Soft, Strong, Extratropical, Sugararabic
  • Manufacturers since june 9, 1975 of depilatory waxes and sugarings and many accessories for the depilatory treatments.

 FOB Price: 5.00 - 12.00  EUR per Piece
 Minimum Order: 720  Pieces
 Terms Of Payment: TT in advance 30 + 70 % Capacity: 1500  Kilogram/Kilograms per Day
 Delivery Time: 21 days
 Country Of Origin: Italy Certifications and Awards: freesale, registered to the EU portal since july 2013
Sugaring sugarpaste: perfect for all kind of skins mainly sensitive
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Revolutionary way to make painless depilations, without breaking any hair, without redness and to be used without strips, but with a very good handling for this special product.


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