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Sugarfree candies

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  • Sugarfree candies
  • We’re a Hungarian export co-ordinating company working in this field with 29 years experience background. We represent many small or medium size producers’ ONLY GOOD QUALITY PRODUCTS all over the World.
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 FOB Price: 1,29 - 1,29  EUR per Unit
 Minimum Order: 50  Unit/Units
 Terms Of Payment: T/T Capacity: 100  Unit/Units per Week
 Delivery Time: Depending on the order
 Country Of Origin: Hungary
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Ingredients: Xillit,isomalt, fruit purees (blueberry, seabuckthorne , mango, strawberry), red grape seed powder, apple powder, wheatgrass powder, grounded chili, lemon-, mint, lavender, and sage oil.

Sugarfree candies suitable for children, diabetics, dieters, sportsmen. Tooth friendly, kills oral bacterias. They  have low GI index and low Kcal values. No gluten, no lactose, no preservatives. Suitable for paleo diet.

Available types:

Mixed Selection (Blueberry-Red Grape seed, Seabuckthorne-mango, Lime)
Blueberry-Red Grape seed
Lemon - Mint
Wheatgrass juice-apple

The candies are in a small plastic box with 42 gr net weight.

Shelf life: 6 months.


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