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Storz Blind Cap With Chain

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  • Storz Blind Cap With Chain
Storz Blind Cap With Chain Storz Blind Cap With Chain Storz Blind Cap With Chain
  • Hebei Huayu Special Rubber Co., Ltd. is professional manufacturer in producing firefighting couplings, such as storz couplings, gost & rotta couplings, NOR couplings, finnish couplings, barcelona couplings and […]

 Country Of Origin: China
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Storz blind cap with chain is used in fire hydrant with projecting lugs, recesses and the performance of corrosion, rust, acid, alkali resistance.

Features of storz blind cap with chain

Resistant to corrosion, rust, acid and alkali.
Easy to install.
Long service life.

Application of storz blind cap with chain
Used for connecting fire hose, PVC pipe and other low pressure pipes in the fire brigade, industry, refinery, building industry, agriculture, shipping, military and civil protection.If you have the demand, please contact us via


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