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  • Steel Doors
Steel Doors Steel Doors Steel Doors Steel Doors
  • Our company is the producer and exporter of all kind of doors . We can product Wood Doors, Panel Doors, PVC Doors , Laminate Doors, Steel Security Doors , Special Doors and Wood Windows .

    The doors of 30,000 […]

 FOB Price: Please ask   USD per Piece
 Minimum Order: 250  40' HQ Container
 Terms Of Payment: Cash in Payment , T/T , L/C Capacity: 2000  40' HQ Container per Month
 Delivery Time: 30 - 45
 Country Of Origin: Turkey Certifications and Awards: ISO 9001 , 2008
Steel Door: Steel
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Safety of our home is of course the first choice for all of us. Our home is the place where we spend our lives, feel safe and comfortable. Safety of our homes is a kind of safety of ourselves. We Must ensure the safety of our home to protect ourselves and those we love.
The first item in our house, protecting us from external factors are undoubtedly the steel doors. Doors being hassle-free in terms of being durable and safety is a issue that interest most of us. Today the first thing that comes to mind regarding home and safety is the steel doors. Steel doors are in a state that satisfy us on safety matters with the security feature applied on the steel doors. For example, the assembly of central lock system on steel doors upon the request of the customer. We can ensure the safety of our homes by obtaining the central lock system at an affordable price and reliable method of mounting from a steel door company. The number of easy methods to guarantee our safety show us how lucky we are. Another convenience offered with the advanced technology in the steel door is the feature called the peephole. The peephole being one of the beauties of the steel doors offer us the opportunity to choose who we allow and do not allow in our homes. It is difficult to estimate whether the person at our door come in good or bad faith. The peephole presents us with two options; to see those that come to our house, whether or not to open the door.
It is not wise to turn your backs on the steel door technology that provide such ease and confidence to our lives. You should now obtain a steel door by applying to the steel door company close to you for the safety and peace of mind for your home and loved ones. However, if you ask how you can trust every steel door company, you can take advantage of BT Doors And Intarnational Trade Co.  that has revolutionized in steel door.


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