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Special food supplement „LADZA-ALKA 2” (herbal tea)

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  • Special food supplement „LADZA-ALKA 2” (herbal tea)
  • We, SIA ”Mushrooms Latvia” are company based in Latvia wich dealing with medicinal raw materials.
    We offering many kinds of herbs, buds, barks, mushrooms, fruits, roots, etc.
    We can offer also healthy berry […]

 FOB Price:- EUR per Pack
 Minimum Order: 1000  Pack/Packs
 Terms Of Payment: in advance Capacity: 10000  Pack/Packs per Month
 Delivery Time: 6-24 days depends on order quantity
 Country Of Origin: Latvia Certifications and Awards: Patent
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Special food supplement „LADZA-ALKA 2” comprises wild and cultivated medicinal plants and is recommended to eliminate alcohol habit and hangover.

It's known that an excess use of alcohol constitutes weighty problems and destroys health. ,,LADZA-ALKA 2” would help to solve some problems of alcoholism, being a special compound of medicinal plants for effective elimination of alcohol habit and hangover. ,,LADZA-ALKA 2” is prepared as a tea infusion, one tablespoon of mix pour with one glass of boiling water, simmer for 3-5 minutes, strain after 20-25 minutes, press out of tea grounds, drink till 5 glasses daily. In some hours it eliminates bent on alcohol and relieves hangover. ,,LADZA-ALKA 2” may be used also to help the person who suffers from alcohol habit but is unwilling to start the course of healing. The mentioned infusion may be added to beer or to other alcoholic drinks, as well as to tea.,,LADZA-ALKA 2” is good healing food supplement which causes the aversion to alcohol, creates sickness and revolt, simultaneously facilitating expectoration. ,,LADZA-ALKA 2” is a resolvent, it promotes decontamination and detoxification of body, eliminates subversive activities of alcohol on health, renews mental and physical balance, normalizes nervous system.

,,LADZA-ALKA 2” was patented in 20.04.2005


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