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  • Solar Thermal
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 Country Of Origin: United Kingdom Certifications and Awards: EN12975 Solar keymark CE
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Green Route’s solar thermal system works using the drain back principle. The solar powered boiler is installed ahead of the hot water tank and central heating system (CH). Cold water flows through the heat exchange unit in the solar powered boiler, arriving in the hot water tank and central heating system as hot water.

There are 2 main components to Green Route’s solar thermal systems, the cylinder and the solar panels. The cylinder is compact in design (56cm x 56cm  x 60cm, 100 litres) so can fit in almost any home. Inside the boiler is a high quality stainless steel heat exchanger (Legionella safe). The system is provided with different collector areas depending upon the situation (20, 30, 40, 60 tube systems are all available and for commercial application these can be installed as apart of a larger solar array). The vacuum tubes are double-walled glass tubes placed inside a further glass tube that then emits heat to a copper manifold. The cold water is heated when it flows through this manifold.

No glycol is used in the components so minimal annual maintenance is required.

Our systems install out of the box, everything is included and the price is so low you’ll think we’ve made a mistake. Manufactured in Northern Europe with quality and longevity in mind. The cylinder is included in the price! Contact us for full trade pricing and a packing list.

The heating system is very simple to install, taking only half a day.


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