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Snail, Escargot, Lumache, Canned snail meat

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  • Snail, Escargot, Lumache, Canned snail meat
Snail, Escargot, Lumache, Canned snail meat
  • Agrofarma is the oldest snail farm in Greece. Since 2008 , we created a new product line for canned snails meat. We export alive snails to Europe, and canned snails to USA, Canada and Africa

 Country Of Origin: Greece (Hellas) Certifications and Awards: E.U. Registration Veterinary Certification
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Agrofarma founded on 2001. Is the oldest snail farm company in Greece.
Since 2008. created a new product line, for canned snail meat. All their products, both alive snails and canned snail meat , are according E.U. rules. Agrofarma export the products to all Europe, USA, Canada and South Africa


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