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Small Bowl in Brass and Pewter

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  • Small Bowl in Brass and Pewter
Small Bowl in Brass and Pewter
  • Managing Director at Amel Design...
  • Amel Designs Ltd. design and produce luxury home decor lacquerware products. Our collections range from dining and bathroom accessories to table lamps.

 FOB Price: 11 - 14  USD per Piece
 Minimum Order: 20  Pieces
 Terms Of Payment: 50% deposit. Balance paid 10 days prior to shipping Capacity: 200  Pieces per Quarter
 Delivery Time: 90 days
 Country Of Origin: Vietnam Certifications and Awards: FDA approved safe for food service
There are no specifications for this product
FDA approved safe for food service

This small bowl is decorated in pewter and brass. Food-safe, the metallic effect gives the bowls a rich, gleaming finish making this item both practical and highly ornamental.

  • 7.5cmH x 13cmW. 3”H x 5”W.
  • Handmade in 90 days, using traditional lacquerware techniques.
  • Base material is wood.
  • Clean with a soft cloth/sponge using warm, soapy water or a non abrasive furniture polish.
  • Heat and water resistant.
  • 18 layers of lacquer.

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