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Sliding Insect Screen

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Sliding insect screen, a pull-and-pull product, is used to keep dangerous and annoying insects out and protect users' health. The precisely woven mesh of premium stainless steel with electrostatic spray finish maximizes the air ventilation and allows no pests inside. The biggest speciality of sliding fly screen is that both its top and bottom are riding on the window channels or door tracks. The channels are also used on the jambs to provide a way to get the sliding insect screen to fit snugly against the side jambs.

Sliding fly screen which is widely used on the doors and windows, keeping all your priorities, including health, heat insulation, sound insulation and user-friendly. So, you can surly protect against invasion by using this push-and-pull product. By the way, our products can be customized to meet your functional, dimensional and aesthetic needs.

This is a dynamic schematic diagram which shows how the sliding insect screen works.
SIS-01: Riding on the window channels or door tracks, sliding insect screen can be pushed and pulled to keep annoying bugs out.
Sliding fly screen is applied on a glass door, in order to repel insects and allow clean air in.
SIS-02: Sliding fly screen is widely used on kinds of doors and it can satisfy double requirements - beauty and practicality.


  • Material: stainless steel 304, SS 316, carbon steel, PVC.
  • Wire diameter: 0.5 mm, 0.6 mm, 0.7 mm, 0.8 mm, etc.
  • Mesh finish: electrostatic spray (black, gray, white, etc.).
  • Mesh size: 10 × 10, 11 × 11, 12 × 12, 14 × 14.
  • Weaving: plain weaving, twill weaving, dutch weaving.
  • Color: white, black, green, gray, etc.
The sliding insect screen applied on the window is in black and its mesh is high-density.
SIS-03: The precisely woven mesh of premium stainless steel with electrostatic spray finish maximizes the air ventilation and keep bugs out.
The picture shows a sliding fly screen whose bottom is installed on the guide rail.
SIS-04: Sliding fly screen adopts high-precision guide rails to ensure accurate positioning, great speed, easy operation and stable performance.


  • Durable and longlife: High-quality materials add to the strength of the screen and frame. For this reason, sliding insect screen possesses a long service life.
  • Multi-protection: dust-proof, insect-proof, acid-proof, alkali-proof, heat-resistant, wear-resisting, etc.
  • Energy-efficient: You can choose to keep the doors open with the sliding insect screen closed which will ensure fresh and pleasant air, but no bugs to interrupt your sleep.
  • Smooth operation: Sliding fly screen comes with heavy-duty roller at the top and bottom for smooth movement of the screen.
  • Easy to install and maintain.
  • Sizes and colors could be readily customized according to your requirement.
It is a double panel sliding window with a wooden frame installed the sliding insect screen.
SIS-05: Sliding insect screen can be applied on windows and doors in different sizes, and this push-and-pull product can work efficiently.

Because of its high quality and great durability, sliding insect screen makes an excellent job to the using of customers' homes and workplaces.

Comes with neatly woven mesh with electrostatic spray finish, sliding fly screen is apt for windows and doors of offices, schools, houses, apartments and many other places.

The picture shows a sliding door whose screen is pushed to be partially open to let people go in and out.
SIS-06: Sliding fly screen applied on the doors can not only keep bugs out, but also maximize the air ventilation.
There is a sliding patio door in residential area, which is used sliding insect screen.
SIS-07: Patio is one of the commonest places that sliding insect screen is usually installed in.


  • Inner packing: shrink packing or plastic bag.
  • Outer packing: 24 rolls, 54 rolls, 72 rolls per carton or pallet packing.

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