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Sintered Mesh Cone Filter

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  • Sintered Mesh Cone Filter
Sintered Mesh Cone Filter
  • What is sintered mesh?
    Sintered mesh is manufactured from one layer or multiple layers of woven wire meshes by a ”sintering” process. The single layer woven wire mesh is first roller flattened uniformly, to […]

 Country Of Origin: China
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Sintered mesh cone filter is made from stainless steel sintered wire mesh with precise cutting and welding, in which rolling seam welding process is used to ensure roundness and flatness. As a result of cone shape, sintered cone filter gets better diversion, separation as well as filtration. The bottom of the stainless steel sintered mesh cone filter can be flat or pointed as per customers' need. Whichever shape is with high dirt capacity, widely used for three in one filtration (filtering, washing, drying) in the industries of chemistry, food processing, beverage, pharmacy, etc.

One sintered filter with basin design, flat bottom, with a hole in the center.
One basin design sintered filter with fine woven mesh, enlarges filtration area.One sintered cone filter, backed off on the table, with flange connection.
One cone shaped sintered filter, used in chemical, pharmaceutical and beverage industries.
One sintered filter with cone shape, a wide metal edge.
Sintered filter with cone shape can be manufactured into one meter tall.One sintered filter with cone shape, fine woven wire meshes sintered together.
One cone shaped sintered filter for better diversion, separation.
Defined finest aperture size and regular pore distribution.
Stainless steel construction for high corrosion resistance.
Cone shaped design offers better filtration.
Sintering process increases mechanical strength.
Two or more layers support the screen, improving stability of the structure.
High temperature resistance.
Easy to repeatedly clean, prolong using life.
Material: 316 L stainless steel, 304 stainless steel, other alloys are also available.
Filtration precision: 1 micron to 500 microns.
Outer diameter: as required.
Sintered wire mesh cone shaped filter is widely used in water treatment and gas filtration in the fluidized bed, also its excellent clean ability is suited for sterile products.

Packing detail
Plastic bag inside, carton or wooden case outside. Other ways are acceptable according to customers' demand.


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