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SHL Unassembled Chain Grate Boiler

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  • SHL Unassembled Chain Grate Boiler
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SHL series new type field assemble chain grate boiler is the fourth-generation chain grate boiler developed by our company based on the latest combustion theory achievement,advantages of high output,high thermal efficiency,reliable operation,strong overload capacity, energy saving,etc.


Combustion of biomass fuel molding can be pure coal or mixed coal and biomass fuel molding to provide heat or power generation.

Product structure:

ZG biomass boiler mainly consists of furnace, secondary air, super heater, the distributed heating surface and soot blower.


  • 1.SHL series new bulk chain grate boilers have the advantages: full output, high thermal efficiency, stable operation, strong overload capacity, wide fuel applicability, energy conservation and environmental protection, and so on. Double drum transverse structure thoroughly overcomes overheating bulge phenomenon, and heating surface arrangement is more reasonable.
  • 2. Furnace adopts the membrane water cooling wall structure on both sides, which can not only ensure the sealing character of furnace but also can improve the boiler thermal efficiency.
  • 3.In the boiler convection bundle and economizer heating surface area, the junction for soot blower is reserved.
  • 4.Hand-stand ”α” furnace arch technique improves fuel combustion characteristic. Also it has a wide coal applicability.
  • 5. Using water-cooled furnace arch structure increases the rigidity and stability of the furnace arch, and prolongs the service life of the furnace arch.
  • 6 . The improved GEF special slag technology adopted, new types of small scales grate, and unique insurance loop prevent fire grate chipped, and it also effectively reduces the grate air leakage, makes grate stable and reliable in operation.
  • 7. Grate with double side air supply and independent regulating air chamber effectively meet the requirements of the fuel’s combustion fuel.
  • 8. It adopts secondary air structure so the aerodynamic field in the furnace is improved greatly. The heated particles of the fuel are thrown into the front arch, which is helpful to the ignition of the fuel and makes the fuel can be kept a longer time in the furnace so that the utilization of the fuel is improved.
  • 9 .The boiler grate adopts double layers or single layer layout structure so it can meet the customers’ requirements better.

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