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SENAO SN-358 PLUS 4HS Long range phone up to 5-10km in kit with 4 handsets and outdoor antenna

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  • SENAO SN-358 PLUS 4HS Long range phone up to 5-10km in kit with 4 handsets and outdoor antenna
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 Minimum Order: Pieces
 Country Of Origin: Taiwan
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SENAO SN-358 PLUS 4HS Long range phone up to 5-10km in kit with 4 handsets and outdoor antenna

Long range cordless phone system with Walkie-Talkie communication between Handsets.

Super Cost effective sales kit with 1 base with 4 handsets, 4 chargers and outdoor roof antenna.

Below ranges are results of our test and match real life performance : Max range with out line of sight is up to 5 km. Max range in line of sight is up to 15 km

Recommended model for business and office use, for commercial buildings, warehouses, hotels, auto dealers...

Multi-Handset system (Up to 99)
Walkie-Talkie Between Handsets.
Intercom between base and handsets
Handset & Base Speakerphone.
Multi-Languages Display (English, Russian, Arabic, Turkish, Spanish)
High Capacity Li-Ion Battery (1100mAh)
Works on any analog line port (PBX, VOIP, PSTN, FXS or POTS)
Power: 1W base, 450mW Handset

Multi-handset system (up to 99)
Single color LCD (Orange).
Vibration mode
Selectable Ring and Page Tone on handset (16 melodies)
Base Ring Tone
(10 melodies)
Handset Custom Name Edit.
Walkie-talkie between handsets.
Handset speakerphone.
Multi-language (English, Spanish, Russian, Turkish, Arabic) display.
Multi-channel with auto-scan.
Base speakerphone with dial keypad.
50 Phone book memory with name/number on each handset.
Last 10 calls redial on handset.
30 Caller ID memory with Time/Date (FSK & DTMF type)
Auto detection of FSK and DTMF caller ID signal.
Caller ID with call waiting (CIDCW).
20 memory dial on base unit.
Base unit with last number redial.
LCD and handset keypad with backlit.
Tone/Pulse dialing mode selectable.
Change channel during Conversation.
Flash time programmable.
Ring volume adjustable for both handset and base.
Voice volume adjustable for both handset and base.
Handset with power saving function.
Low battery alert and display.
Built- in voice security circuit (Scrambler).
Auto answer and auto hang up.
Transferring a call between handsets and base.
Out-of-range alert.
Battery charge indicator.
Fast charge.
Adjustable Keypad volume on Handset.
Real time clock on handset.
Talk-time display on handset.
Auto power control designed.

Multiple Channel Access: 120 channels automatic scan to avoid interference
Built-in voice security circuit (Scrambler).
65,536 sets security codes (two-way)
Works on two frequencies in the same time : 394 MHz / 268 MHz


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