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self priming centrifugal oil pump

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  • self priming centrifugal oil pump
  • Our company is one professional manufacturer in various water pump such as centrifugal pump,chemical pump,submersible pump,self priming pump,industrial pump,gear pump,electromagnetic pump,diaphragm pump,multistage […]

 FOB Price: 850 - 6000  USD per Unit
 Minimum Order: Sets
 Capacity: 500  Sets per Month
 Delivery Time: 7 DAYS
 Country Of Origin: China Certifications and Awards: ISO,GS,GB
80CYZ-A-55: self priming oil pump
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self priming centrifugal oil pump has the advantages such as simple structure and convenient operation and steady running and large discharge capacity and high efficiency and low noise and long life etc. The pump has the strong self priming performance and suction pipeline need not install foot valve. It is widely used to transport gasoline,kerosene,diesel oil, oil for aviatin in oil warehouse,oil station,oil tanker,dock,tank truck,airdrome etc. It can also be used in chemical industry,pharmaceutics,brewage,electroplate,printing and dyeing,papermaking,electric power,mine etc.

Medium temperature range:-20 celsius degree to 80 celsius degree, viscidityis not more than 100 centipoise,Particles consistency can reach 30%.


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