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Security screen is designed to provide safeguard against thieves, storms and gunshot. This high-end product is mainly made of stainless steel 201, SS 304, SS 316, and its surface adopts electrostatic spraying process, which makes it possess higher anti-thief, anti-strike, bullet-proof, heat-resistant and other capabilities.

Security screen is widely used for home, office buildings, hotels, schools, office buildings and many other places. This advanced product with promising market prospect, will be your preference to ensure safety.

This picture is an amplifying display of a piece of security screen in black.
SS-01: Diamond mesh screen for security has the characters of high density and hardness.
These are pieces of security screen meshes in different colors.
SS-02: We can provide diamond mesh screen for security in white, off-white, black, gray and many other colors as customers requirements.


SS 201 Security Screen

  • Material: 201 stainless steel wire.
  • Weave type: plain weave.
  • Surface treatment: powder coated.
  • Color: black, white and gray.
  • Wire diameter: 0.6 mm - 1.2 mm.
  • Mesh hole opening: 10 mesh × 10 mesh, 11 mesh × 11 mesh, 12 mesh × 12 mesh and 14 mesh × 14 mesh.
  • Length: 1500 mm, 2000 mm, 2400 mm, 3000 mm.
  • Width: 750 mm, 900 mm, 1000 mm, 1200 mm, 1500 mm.

SS 304 Security Screen

  • Material: 304 grade stainless steel.
  • Wire diameter: 0.9 mm (0.035").
  • Mesh hole opening: 11 mesh × 11 mesh, 12 mesh × 12 mesh, 14 mesh × 14 mesh.
  • Surface treatment: black powder coated.
  • Color: black, gray.
  • Length: 2000 mm, 2400 mm, 3000 mm.
  • Width: 750 mm, 900 mm, 1000 mm, 1200 mm, 1500 mm.
  • Guarantee: ten years.
  • Other mesh size available according to customers' need.

SS 316 Security Screen

  • Material: 316 marine grade stainless steel wire.
  • Wire diameter: 0.8 mm.
  • Mesh hole opening: 11 mesh × 11 mesh, 1.5 mm × 1.5 mm.
  • Finish: black polyester coated (engineered corrosion and moisture resistant).
  • Other available size: 14 mesh × 0.5 mm, 14 mesh × 0.6 mm, 12 mesh × 0.7 mm, 10 mesh × 0.9 mm, 8 mesh × 1.0 mm.
  • Panel width: 750 mm, 900 mm, 1200 mm, 1500 mm.
  • Panel length: 2000 mm, 2400 mm, 3000 mm.

Note: Special dimensions are also available according to your requirements.

It demonstrates the measuring result of a security screen' mesh size as an example.
SS-03: We can offer diamond mesh screen for security with many different dimensions as your request.
There are two pieces of security screen meshes, one is 12 mesh in black and the other is 14 mesh in gray.
SS-04: Black and gray are the two most popular colors applied in diamond mesh screen for security and we can also offer other colors as your requirements.


  • Anti-theft: Security screen is a kind of plain woven security screen made of diamond mesh, so its high strength and good toughness can withstand damage from axes, pliers, saws and scissors.
  • Translucent ventilation: SS security screen keeps natural flow of fresh air 24 hours a day and reduces unnecessary air conditioning running, it not only saves energy but also protects the health of you and your families.
  • Easy to clean: Users only need to wash dirt down with a soft brush, using warm water and mild detergent. Rinse the screen with fresh water to remove all the detergent residue.
  • Corrosion resistance: Its stainless steel material with powder coated layer offers good anti-corrosion and wear resistance properties.
  • Anti-rodent: The sealing effect of diamond mesh screen for security is better than ordinary nylon screens, so it can effectively prevent rats or insects from entering the house or rodents biting.
  • Excellent performance: Security screen is acid and alkali resistance, high density, lightweight, polishing without bubbles and no pinholes.
  • Beautiful appearance: Its elegant design, firm structure, smooth uniform mesh surface, consistent latitude and longitude meets the needs of customers and attract them to choose it for home and office security protection.
  • Cost-effective: Its stainless steel material offers good fire prevention, high temperature resistance, high strength, good toughness, rust resistance, long service life and so on. So the cost-effective of diamond mesh screen for security is much higher than ordinary nylon screens.
  • Energy saving: Used environmentally friendly materials, security screen has a 3-5 times longer service life than ordinary screens and reduces waste of resources.
In front of the flower basket, there is a piece of security screen in black, which has good transmittance.
SS-05: Security screen in darker color, has better outward visibility in most cases, for darker colors have less light reflectance and glare.
A sharp knife is cutting a piece of security screen, while the screen is firm enough to keep undamaged.
SS-06: Being several times stronger than ordinary screens, diamond mesh screen for security is a good choice for you to prevent your house from damages.
The picture shows that a pair of pliers is pinching the security screen mesh, but causes no break on it.
SS-07: Diamond mesh screen for security is anti-strike and it can guard your safety efficiently.

Security screen is an ideal choice for windows and doors, as a heavy-duty shield, which can effectively protect your home and office. Besides it is also suitable for government departments, commercial office buildings, premium villas and residential areas. This advanced product is often applied to prevent intruders, burglars, storm and other destruction.

There is a door which installs the security screen.
SS-08: Diamond mesh screen for security can keep good ventilation and bring you clear visibility.
Security screen is used on a hinged window.
SS-09: Diamond mesh screen for security can be widely applied on kinds of windows and doors.
There is a sliding door of a villa installed the diamond mesh screen for security.
SS-10: Security screen is widely applied in residential areas, commercial office buildings, premium villas and many other places.


  • Put a piece of water-proof paper between each two pieces of screen meshes, then in carton boxes, wooden boxes or pallets.
  • 5 pieces in one carton box, then 10 carton boxes in one wooden case.
  • 25 or 50 pieces per wooden case.
  • At your requests.

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