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  • Seams & Edges
Seams & Edges Seams & Edges Seams & Edges
  • Boegger, a professional manufacturer and seller, supplies high quality polyester filter belts with a variety of air/water permeability, thread diameter, mesh count, density and sizes to suit your machine, […]

 Country Of Origin: China
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Bohai, a professional manufacturer of high quality polyester filter belts, allows for a variety of seaming styles such as endless seam, stainless steel clip seam, spiral ring seam and warp-ring seams. Custom seaming can also be tailored upon customer's requirements.

  • Endless seam: This type of seam enables the belt to have a unique air permeability and strength so that it is more durable and long lasting.
  • Stainless steel clip seam: Made of stainless steel AISI316, these clips permit quick and easy assembly. Meanwhile, these clips fixed to the belt smoothly to protect it from destruction caused by mud scraper, separator, doctor blades and vacuum boxes.
  • Spiral seam: As its name implies, this seam is composed of a spiral thread woven into the fabric and joining two pieces of belt together. Made of quality PEEK, this seam is strong, durable and resistant to hydrolysis in a wide range of PH. Normally, spiral seam is applied to most polyester drying fabric.
  • Warp-ring seams: Beside above seams, various types of warp-ring seams are also available. This seam proves extremely stable as the joints are composed of warp yarns that are woven back to the fabric. In addition, this seam allows for a smooth joint without any marking.

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