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  • We Fresh & Frozen Seafood work as an international seafood contractor. We supply variety of seafood products frozen/can in large quantity to different parts of the world.
    We’re very proud of our brand introduces […]

 Country Of Origin: Pakistan Certifications and Awards: Fresh Product: 1. SILVER POMFRET 2. BLACK POMFRET 3. Silver CROAKER 4. Yellow CROAKER 5. Reef Cod GROUPER 6. KING FISH 7. INDIAN MACKEREL 8. GRUNT 9. Barracuda 10. Queen Fish 11. Sea Bass 12. Tongue Sole 13. SEA BREAM 14. CONGER EEL 15. RIBBON FISH 16. Shrimps 17. Red Snapper 18. Blue Crab 19. 3 Spotted Crab Etc All Types of fresh product Frozen Product: 1. Loligo Squid 2. Cuttle Fish 3. Ribbon Fish 4. Jelly Fish 5. Sardine 6. Indian Mackerel 7. Octopus 8. Cuttle Clean 9. Squid Clean 10. Reef Cod Grouper 11. EEL FISH 12. Tongue Sole 13. Croaker (Yellow, TT, Silver) 14. Lady Fish 15. Leather Jacket 16. Silver Pomfret 17. Black Pomfret 18. White Shrimps 19. Pink Shrimps 20. Lobster Etc All Types of frozen product
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