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Ribotide I+G

in Monosodium Glutamate, Type: sell

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  • Ribotide I+G
  • We are Thai Foods Product International Co., Ltd, manufacturing and exporting various kinds of food additives and food ingredient in many countries for 11 years. Our products are as follows:
    1.Monosodium […]

 Minimum Order: 500  Kilogram/Kilograms
 Terms Of Payment: T/T,L/C Capacity: 100  Tonne/Tonnes per Month
 Delivery Time: 10 days
 Country Of Origin: Thailand Certifications and Awards: Packing : 10 kg/carton
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TS-TIDE is the natural flavor enhancer for food categories such as snacks, soy sauce, fish sauce, canned sea food,fishball and meatballs and etc. The synergistic effect can be recognized by cost savings because it is 20 times as stronger as MSG. Furthermore, TS-TIDE gives the Umami taste,maximizes the continuity and harmony of food flavors, gives cost-savings of the formulations, reduces undesired flavor and helps to reduce the sodium.


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