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Red bull 250ML English

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  • Red bull 250ML English
Red bull 250ML English Red bull 250ML English Red bull 250ML English Red bull 250ML English
  • Ifikglobal Ltd a distributor of Red bull Energy drink, Soft drinks,we established the company in Sofia Bulgaria

    Today we regularly sell our products to England, Norway,Ireland, Sweden,Germany, Russia,Ukriane […]

 FOB Price: 17.25 - 17.28  EUR per Case
 Minimum Order: 40' Container
 Terms Of Payment: Escrow and None Opearative LC Capacity: 50  40' Container per Week
 Delivery Time: 7 working days
 Country Of Origin: Bulgaria Certifications and Awards: Barcode 90162602 Fresh Produce , min 18 month shelf life Supply ability upto 50x40Ft Containers a week via Toplogistics BV Rotterdam
There are no specifications for this product
Payment terms are either Escrow with Toplogistics BV Rotterdam, or LC none operative once recieved we will issue Proof of product and performance bond of 2% only then the LC becomes operative one and we can process the Order with Redbull Transparent and clear from day one

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