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RCBC Global Waste-to-Energy System

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  • RCBC Global Waste-to-Energy System
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 Certifications and Awards: ASME approved and EPA approved.
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As you know, the US creates catastrophic amounts of municipal solid waste daily. Each year Americans generate more than an estimated 220 million tons of solid waste. In the next few years this figure will exceed an estimated 300 million tons of waste per year. Communities must act now to reduce waste and harmful emissions. Waste-to-energy is being addressed in government and the Clean Air Act is forcing America to be environmentally conscience.


The RCBC Boiler Waste-To-Energy System reduces the accumulation of waste and garbage now contaminating landfills and transfer stations all over the world. RCBC is a Rotary Cascading Bed Combustion System that provides ideal conditions for clean combustion of diverse materials including gases, municipal solid waste, and sludge. Combustion is complete within the ASME stamped and approved rotary boiler with a clean carbon burnout.  It produces between 30,000 to 60,000 pounds of steam per hour depending on the type of fuel used, with the larger combustor generating enough power to operate a 4-6 megawatt condensing turbine. The byproduct is a safe ash that can be used for soil reclamation, fertilizer, concrete and other environmentally safe materials. Combustion in the RCBC eliminates all potential hazards to health and environment including odor and methane. This process has the potential to eliminate landfills as we know them today, with ZERO landfill as a goal.


The RCBC Boiler is the oldest and most tested boiler in the U.S. and perhaps the world. We have projects funded and MRF facilities in the beginning stages in Tennessee and Mexico. Now is the time to look at our technology. We can produce energy for less than 2 million per Megawatt. There has never been a more affordable waste-to-energy system created.

The enclosed comparison sheet features the differences between typical waste-to-energy gasification and our Rotary Cascading Bed Combustor waste-to-energy system.


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