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Raw Material and High Quality Isotretinoin for Skin Use

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  • Raw Material and High Quality Isotretinoin for Skin Use
  • China Pharmaceutical Grade steroid powders,HomeBrew Injectable Solutions,Oral anabolics and Peptide Hormones Supplier-HongKong Shijingu Technology Co., Ltd. Raw Steroid Powders,HomeBrew steroid Solutions,Oral […]

 Country Of Origin: China
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Synonym: 13-cis-ra; 13-cis-retinoicaci; 13-ra; Isoretinoin; Isotrex; Neovitaminaacid; RO-4-3780
CAS: 4759-48-2
MF: C20H28O2
MW: 300.44
EINECS: 225-296-0
Assay: 99%
Appearance: Orange Crystal Powder
Specification: CP
Chemical Property: The melting point of 174 ~ 175 Centigrade. UV maximum absorption: 354nm ( 39800). Acute toxicity of LD50 (20 days) mice, rats by intraperitoneal injection of: 904901 (mg); 3389 > 4000 oral.

As the retinoid, there are strong and fast proliferation inhibition and differentiation of skin gland cell function, effective on severe nodular cystic acne. The gastrointestinal absorption is better, while the local medication invalid. Other drugs used to treat invalid serious acne, cystic acne, acne conglobata, rosacea, ichthyosis, keratosis follicularis and pityriasis rubra pilaris and other skin diseases also have a certain effect.
For severe acne. Anti skin dyskeratosis medicine. For the treatment of severe acne and other disorders.

1. Medical applications: the lack of nutrition of the elderly, thin, for severe burns and had the operation people.
2. Sports purpose: promote muscle growth, increased training and endurance training load, it has never been proved.
3. Adaption: Trauma, chronic infection, malnutrition and wasting disease and All kinds of refractory anemia.

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