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Radius Flat Wire Belts

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  • Radius Flat Wire Belts
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 Country Of Origin: China
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Apart from the characters of straight-running flat wire belt, radius flat wire belt have additional capacity - move products right or left turn of up to 180 degrees while maintaining proper alignment and spacing.

Heavy duty radius flat wire belts with welded button edge.
RFWB-01: Heavy duty radius flat wire belts.
Product description:

Item: Radius heavy duty flat wire belts.
Flat strip: 1/2" wide × 0.062" thick, round edge.
Cross rod: 6 gauge, high tensile strength.
Material available:
Low carbon galvanized steel C1015.
C1050 high carbon steel.
T-304 stainless steel.
T-306 stainless steel.
Features & Benefits:

Turning ability enables belt to avoid obstacles, operate in limited space.
Providing easy and thorough cleaning.
Minimum belt turning radius equals to 2.2 times the belt width.
For tighter turns, two or more narrow width belts divided by a rail may be used.
Heavy duty design for heavy load.
Specification for radius flat wire belts
Item No. Mesh (inch) Flat strip (inch) Cross rod Edge Finish Width (inch)
Min. Max.
RFW-01 1×1 1/2 × .062 6 gauge Welded edge 10 192
RFW-02 1/2×1 1/2 × .062 6 gauge Welded edge 10 192
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